Thursday, 14 January 2016

Rotations for August 2016 Now Available

The rotations for August 2016 are now available.  These rotations are correct at time of publication in January 2016 but can be subject to change.  We have a large range of options for you with 58 posts in total.

Twelve of these are in the rural track program and are based around our rural general hospitals in Oban, Fort William, Stornoway, Wick, Kirkwall and Lerwick.

We have 23 posts available in each of the Grampian and Caledonian programs with 17 three-year and 6 four-year in the Caledonian program whilst in Grampian we have 18 three-year and 5 four-year posts.

So good luck with rounds two and three of recruitment, we look forward to meeting you in August 2016 at your inductions!

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